It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Construction Season!!

Across the street, neighbours are having work done on their foundations. While I shudder to think of the expense they’re bearing, it certainly makes for good entertainment for my tots.

This morning, to our shared delight, a dump truck arrives, pulling a flat on which is a Bobcat!! How incredibly exciting. Little Zach spots it first, and speckles the glass in my screen door with even more fingerprints. His green eyes dance. “Vroom-vroom! Vroom-vroom!” Yup, it’s a vroom-vroom all right.

Our morning entertainment is set. Out to the porch we go, where three little boys, Thomas, George, and Zach, sit in a row on my front porch and watch the show, baby Alice on my lap. I know the boys will be thrilled by the bedlam, but Alice may need a little extra security…

The Bobcat is unchained from the flat, the ramp lowered, and then – oh, can we stand the excitement?!? – the Bobcat drives down the ramp and up the sidewalk!!! This is greeted with ear-splitting shrieks of delight. Because they’re well-trained, the boys manage to remain seated, but the amount of bum-bouncing going on out there seems almost certain to create bruises… Alice is starting to bounce, too. I’m not sure whether it’s the activity on the street, or the excitement on the porch that’s thrilling her, but I need worry no more about her reaction. We’re all having a lot of fun!

I sit in my chair and sip my tea. It’s really not such a bad way to start the day! The Bobcat operator has noticed us, and throws us the occasional grin and wave, enthusiastically returned. The boys holler across the street, their shrill little voices completely swallowed by the roars of the machinery. It doesn’t get much better: noisy machinery, dirt, construction workers (aka “workin’ guys”), and being allowed to scream your little lungs out un-shushed! Alice’s little arms and legs wave convulsively, and she adds her not inconsiderable voice to the volume. Everyone is wholly, body and mind, enthralled.

When the excavation is complete, the Bobcat is once more secured to the flat. The driver climbs into the truck, and then calls out the window: “Have they ever heard an air horn?”

Who cares?? Would they like to hear one now?

The dump truck starts up. That’s thrilling. All that lovely noise. He backs up a bit. Even better – now there’s the roar of the motor and beeping, too! And then, as the truck pulls out into the street? Two solid blasts of an air horn. Alice starts, then squeals with delight. Her little arms flail past my nose. The boys are practically airborne in their glee. They rise to their feet and dance in ecstasy, every little limb thrumming. The driver waves his hand out the window, the boys shriek their goodbyes, and, with one final “braaap!”, the truck leaves.

Life is very good.

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