It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Optimism and Ear Plugs

Alice’s mother liked her feature post. (I’d hoped she would!) But she gently suggested to me (as others have also done), “You know, you needn’t feel that you must always be positive.” A tactful way of suggesting that should their little angels display a pair of horns from time to time, I should feel free to say so!! I will, but I confess it doesn’t come naturally…

I am by nature an optimist. I see the bright side as clearly as the dark. Always. This is not a mental exercise I consciously perform, but rather a wholly natural way of perception. So, if a child has had their ups and downs over a day, I will naturally recount the ups. I know the downs happened, but, for most children, the downs are minor blips, and the ups are the bulk of the day.

Of course, if a child is unusually fractious, in a way that might suggest illness or the need for some kind of intervention, I will discuss it. But the normal type of misbehaviour and fretfulness simply isn’t of adequate interest to me!! Unless, of course, it’s funny – and so often it is!

As to Alice…

When loading the children into the stroller, I am quite calculated in the order in which I do it. Until today, Alice has been loaded in first, the reasoning being that she frets if left behind, and as the youngest, it’s harder for her to wait. So she sits in the stroller on the front walk, while I bring the other children to it, one at a time.

Until today.

As of today, the street – no the entire block! – must surely be fully and painfully aware of just how thoroughly Alice detests waiting, even in the stroller! And that hat?? We won’t even talk about how she hates that thing…

Tomorrow, she’ll be loaded in last!

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Pep Talk

Thomas does not like vegetables a whole lot.

He sits on the bench and peruses the vegetable stew he’s been presented for lunch for a moment, then heaves a deep sigh and bravely declares:

“I can eat it all up, and I can be happy!”

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