It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Toddler Support Group

Today’s meeting of the Potty-Training Support Group, Sunnyside Branch, took place in part at one of our favourite parks.

While at the park, George felt the need for an emergency meeting, and, informing Nona of the situation, repaired to the shrubbery. Members present included George, Darcy, Thomas, with one guest, Zach (who must needs come along so as not to be left unsupervised on the play structure). One might consider this his early induction to the art, but Zach appears largely oblivious of the point of the exercise. While one little boy pees, the other big boys lean forward and peer at the stream, making observations and offering encouragement all the while.

“There it goes! Your pee is coming!!”
“Look. His pee gots that pine cone all wet!” (This is very funny.)
“Don’t get that pee on your pants!”
“Don’t stand there. You might get his pee on your foot.”
“Are you done? Is it my turn?”

Darcy is wearing yer basic training pants: little pale green underwear with the padded section in the middle. He largely ignores his audience, focussed as he is on the engrossing task of producing and aiming. (I have them sit down. It’s simpler.)

Thomas has on his teeny tiny grey briefs – of which he is overwhelmingly proud, because they have Spiderman on the backside!!! Thomas revels in his audience. After he’s watered the shrubbery, he makes a point of ensuring that everyone sees and appreciates his posterior artwork, wiggling that little bum for all to see. “I gots Spiderman back there, Darcy! George, see my Spiderman?”

And George? George, too, prefers production over playing to the audience. He doesn’t at alll mind that they stare at the stream of pee, but he’s quite modest about his undergarments. In my position as overseer of the event, however, I can clearly see that George, who prior to this had worn sweat pants over nothing at all, is wearing…… boxers! Eentsy-weentsy plaid cotton boxers!! How delightful! Who knew they made them so small?

Everyone considered themselves highly satisfied with the outcome, and thus this meeting of the PTSG, Sunnyside Branch was called to a close.

April 27, 2005 - Posted by | Darcy, George, potty tales, Thomas, Zach

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