It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Thomas, we all know, is a boy in a hurry.

He uses the potty, then comes to me, quite distressed. “Mary, my pants is hurting me!” I can’t see anything wrong on the surface, so I check underneath…

The broad black elastic waistband of his teeny white spiderman briefs sits neatly on his hips at side and back, but is firmly wedged underneath his apparatus at the front. Ouch! You know, little man, there are times when it pays to take things slowly…

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Cop Talk

George and Thomas play a very involved game involving the play house and two ride-on toys. During this game, Thomas backs into baby Alice. George observes this and notes, very matter-of-fact:

“You are a terrible driver.”
“I am?” Thomas is not offended, only interested.
“Yes. You just bumped into baby Alice.”
“I did?” He pivots to look at Alice, who smiles at him.
“Yeah, and now I will go call the police.”
“The police?”
“Yes.” This with great authority. “That’s what you do when you bump someone in a car.”

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