It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Oh, what an amazing, glorious, sun-filled spring day! It wouldn’t be humanly possible to stay indoors on such a day, would it? I push the stroller, the long, four-seated stroller that always garners so very much attention, down the street. On some days, my more extroverted days, I enjoy the attention and return laugh for laugh and smile for smile. On other, more introverted days, I feel a bit of a spectacle, and find all that attention a little much. My return smiles are weaker on those days!

Yesterday, an extroverted day for me, thank goodness, because there were a LOT of people out, I heard all of the following as we strolled along:

“Oh, how cute!”
“Have you ever seen anything so adorable??”
“Look at those hats!” (They’re identical and garish, the better to find them in the playground.)
“Are they all yours?” (You’d be amazed how often I get asked.)
“Mommy! Look at all the babies!”
“Holy sh*t!”
“Oh, my god, she’s got four in there!”
“Why does she gots so many babies, daddy?”
“Where did you get that stroller?”
“Look at that. So sweet!”
“God, you must be so patient!”
“Bet that keeps you busy!”
“You’ve got your hands full!”
“The second one is asleep.”
“Two boys and two girls?”
“God bless you!”
“Busy lady!”
“You are one lucky woman!”

But by far my favourite was that uttered by a young, very pregnant woman who was pushing a toddler in a stroller, to her husband:

“Oh, look! My worst nightmare come to life!”

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