It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Yes, Yes, Thanks for Noticing

Thomas and George are peering out my livingroom window. I am outside.

Thomas: Hey, there she is!!

George: She brought the stroller outta the backa yard.

Thomas (to me): Good job, man!!

George: No, she’s not a man. She’s a woman.

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A Matter of Balance

Picture this:

A child stands, feet wide, arms stretched toward you, palms up. Recognize this? It’s the Ready to Catch the Ball pose. The adult involved gently lobs the ball into the waiting arms. Perhaps one time in ten, the arms actually react in time as the ball bounces off the child’s tummy, and the ball is successfully caught. Great celebration of this event follows, of course!

One time in, oh, fifty or so, this is what happens:

After bouncing off the child’s tummy, the ball dribbles between the child’s feet. The child bends to catch it. Misses. The ball continues to wobble on its way, now well behind the child. The child continues to reach for the ball, two little hands straining, bottom high in the air, further, further, further…

…and completely topples over, landing solidly on the top of his head.

N.B. It is advised that this manoeuvre be attempted only on a soft surface.

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