It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Can I Irk You? Yes, I Can!

Today, I had seven kids. One expects a certain baseline cacophony right there. Sheer numbers will do it. On the way back from the park – three in the stroller, four outriggers – the four three-year olds all started singing the “Bob the Builder” theme song. Thomas, the original and true Bob the Builder fan, who has even been to see Bob at a large local mall, and who owns every Bob marketing gizmo out there, started the song and lead the choir. The only problem is, none of them know more than the first two lines: “Bo-oo-ob the Builder. Can we fix-it? Yes, we can!” Over and over. Not very melodiously, but lots of rhythm in our four-man choir. Strong, firm, and positive: “Yes. We. Can!!”

Out from the tumult comes the occasional “No, we can’t!” Equally firm and just as definite. This would be George, ever the individualist. This blasphemy would win him a severe look from Thomas, which George returned each time with a small, satisfied grin, delighted to have achieved the desired effect. (Hmmm… Individualist or shit-disturber? I’m quite sure his father would opt for the latter, with no little parental pride.)

June 16, 2005 Posted by | individuality | 6 Comments