It’s Not All Mary Poppins


We’ve clearly been exposed to too much heavy machinery this month: whenever I back the stroller up (my super-deluxe four-seater stroller), we all spontaneously burst out with:


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Cleaning Questions

Musing about the process of keeping small faces clean.


…do they fight a nose wipe like you’re threatening to rip the nose from their face?

…do they hate having a tissue within a metre of their nose, but love having their finger at least that far up it?

…do they always pick that particular moment to swing their face suddenly to profile, causing a trail of snot to disappear into their left ear?

…does the tongue come out whenever you try to scrub their chin?

…do the eyes shut when you say, “Close your mouth, please”?

…does the mouth shut when you say, “Close your eyes, please”?

…will they happily play in filthy puddle water, but when you present them with clean water, they suddenly develop intense fear of the stuff?

…when you put a tissue to their nose and say, “Blow!”, they sniff, but when there’s no tissue in sight, they blow like blazes?

…do they only get those huge “blow-out” projectile snot sneezes when someone, or someone’s food, is directly in the line of fire?

Just wondering…

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