It’s Not All Mary Poppins

She’s Got to be here Somewhere

Hide and seek is a great game to play with two and three year olds. Great, that is, if you’re not too hung up on rules, and make sure your bladder is empty before the game begins.

Darcy, Thomas, and George were the seekers. They would lurk in the kitchen, diligently counting to ten by various and sundry routes (“one, two, free, sebben, free, nine”) while Emma (my eleven year old) hid. She would then call out to tell she was hidden, at which point the boys would thunder around to find her. Yes, she had called to them, but with tots this age, that doesn’t constitute either help or cheating, since it has less than no effect on their strategy, which generally amounts to looking wherever she hid last time.

For a while the boys hid while Emma counted. This is where the “not being too hung up on rules” became important: I would tuck each of them into a hiding spot – where they would commence to count loudly to ten, and then bounce out into the room!! “Founded me!” They loved it.

After a few rounds, they wanted to be the seekers again. In the kitchen, the three little boys line up. Thomas puts his two hands over his eyes and counts; George put his hands over his mouth. All we needed was for Darcy to cover his ears as he counted, and we’d have the three little no-evil monkeys…

Emma decided to hide in the front hall, between the internal wooden door, and the outside screen door. Naturally, this meant the inner door couldn’t quite shut. When the other three came to hunt her out, speedy Thomas was in the front (surprise!). Strangely, she was not crouched beside the couch where she’d been last time. Hmm… He darted out into the hall. Being an observant little guy, he immediately noticed the front door was ajar. Aha! He dashed over to it, shouting.

“Hey! The door’s not shut! We need’a shut the door!” he declares, and gives it a mighty shove. Of course, with Emma tucked behind it, it doesn’t shut. “Mary!” he bellows, looking for assistance. “The door is stuck!”

Having given me my task, he races off to continue his. Wherever could she be?

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Mistaken Identity

My eldest daughter, Haley, was in town visiting, and popped over this afternoon.

Young Zach toddles over and tugs on her pants. “Mary! Mary!”
She looks down and greets him, at which he stops dead and stares at the not-Mary for a minute. But he does want adult assistance, so…
“Uh… mama!”

She’s female, she’s a grownup – what else would he call her?

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