It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Constructioned Out

It has developed into a bit of a pattern that after nap and snack, we head out to the front porch to watch the doings on the street in the afternoon. Today was no different. I bundle them out, and do my head count.

I’m one short!!

Pop my head back inside, where Darcy sits at one end of a loveseat, a library book from this morning’s outing on his lap.

“Darcy, we’re all outside. Do you want to come watch the machines?”

He looks up momentarily. “Oh, no thanks,” he says, perfect little man that he is. “I just gonna read for now.”

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Construction, with pictures!

It’s construction season in Canada. Since our viable summer is about 12 minutes long, we need to make the most of it when it arrives. This year, my street is slated for “Water and Sewer Renewal”. Judging from the state of the old pipes that have come up out of those trenches they’re digging, it was not a moment too soon. It’s made for a dusty, noisy, and very exciting summer for the kids. Here are a few views:

This, so I am told, is called a high-hoe. This has the inevitable effect of calling Disney tunes to mind, and so we head off burbling like the seven dwarves… which isn’t too inappropriate, now that I think on it.

This was the hoe making the initial pass, ripping up the asphalt surface. It will be back twice more, woo-hoo.

The road surface removed, the sand underneath is then carted away. It’s astonishing how delicate those giant buckets can be: there are gas lines down there, which look just like bright yellow garden hoses. They run across the street, from side to side, and somehow survive the digging intact! I’m so impressed!

See that fellow coming up out of the hole? He’s had quite the climb. Once at the bottom, he’s about six feet below the surface of the road. And sometimes, folks, sometimes when they break through the old sewer mains, there are rats down there. Yes, indeed. Sewer rats are a fact. (But this nice man isn’t one of them…)

All in all, it’s an enthralling summer. I’m enjoying it almost as much as the children. However, I do take time away from the big-screen television set that is my front door long enough to prepare a meal or write a post – unlike little Mia here.

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Excremental humour is big in this set.
Arthur announces the following in sing-song, apropos of absolutely nothing: “I’m not going to do a fart!”
Gales of laughter all round. (And the point would be?)

Kyle asks Liam: “Liam, can you count to 100?”
Apparently he can’t, because he cleverly deflects it. “Arthur, can you count to 100?”
Arthur, having less ego, and being interested in the answer, replies easily. “No, I can’t. Kyle, can you?”
Kyle, relieved that someone has finally given him his opening. “Yes, I can! One, two, skip-a-three, 99, 100!”

(Nobody tell him it’s “skip-a-few”, okay? I like his better.)

Liam: Arthur, can you count to poo-poo? BWAH-hahahahahahahahaha…


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We Are Not Amused

Arthur finds a fist-sized model of a house, molded from brightly-coloured plasticene. By the time he’s done with it, it’s a fist-shaped lump of dubious grey-brown hue. He and Liam spend a happy half-hour slicing this murky thing into small dollops, pressing the dollops together into larger rolls (roughly cylindrical, really) and then dropping these clumps into a brilliant yellow bucket, before tiring of the experience and trotting off to other pursuits, leaving the bucket and its contents behind.

You know what it looks like, don’t you?

Later that afternoon, a parent sees a stray nugget on the front hall floor, and calls my attention to it discreetly: “I think your cat may have…”

What? This Cat??

As if the culprit of such a vulgarity is likely to be Mr. Elegance, rather than any of the vast numbers all these loud and far less fastidious creatures that infest his home five days a week. The things that poor cat puts up with already, to be so roundly insulted. Humph. It’s just as well he is, like all cats, more beauty than brains, or I’m sure he’d be mortally offended.

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