It’s Not All Mary Poppins


There’s been a lot of counting going on around here these days.

Zach has been revelling in the thrill of numbers. Sitting at the top of the slide, he calls out, “One! Two! Goooooo…..” Lots of fun. Eating his dinner, he counts off mouthfuls. “One! Two! One!” Running laps through the living – dining – front hall loop, he bellows numbers as he thunders past. “One! Two! Two! Two! One!” Just imagine how much fun he’ll have when he knows more than two numbers!

Adam and Kyle are counting heavy machines through my front window. There must have been an awful lot of activity out there this morning, because suddenly I hear Adam’s voice. “A TRILLION!!!” Kyle builds on this, “a trillion and ONE, a trillion and TWO, a trillion and THREE!” Adam catches the pattern and continues, “A trillion and FOUR!”

Not to be outdone by his little brother, Kyle changes tactics. “Infinity! Infinity and beyond!” (Buzz Lighyear will never really die.)

Adam is unfazed: “Infinity and beyond and ONE…!”

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Things To Do Before You’re Ten

I found this great idea over at Aginoth’s blog, which I think warrants consideration. As he says, adults come up with lists of “Things to do before I die”, but this one is every bit as important, and, I think, arguably more fun, and way easier to accomplish!

I was pleased to note that I’d done every one of the items on that list. Thanks, mum, gran, and grandad, for my enriched childhood! Which largely comprised of lots of supportive, benign neglect, while I went out and mucked about, sometimes on my own, sometimes with a hoard of other children. I am also pleased to note that the list does NOT include “enrichment activities” like lessons, classes, contests, awards, and competitions. Nothing scheduled at all, in fact. Not even a whole heck of a lot of parental involvement required – unless, of course, the parents want to relive a slice of their childhood! Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned here?

What would YOUR list include?

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