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Hot and Sticky

I’ve read this through, and it’s a boring post. My apologies in advance. I’m blaming the heat: I’m too enervated to be either clever or funny…

Phew. Currently it’s 32 degrees out there, humidex of 38. That’s some hot! Zach, Arthur and I got back from our morning outing about an hour ago, which consisted of running – no, strolling – a few errands, carefully chosen for the strength of the business’s air-conditioning. We moved at a very leisurely pace, we lingered in the cool, we meandered home. Once home, I stripped them to their underwear, sponged them down with a cool cloth while they stood in front of the fan, then tanked them up with still more cool water before laying them down for a nap. They are not sleeping, but they are having a quiet time. This is fine.

I almost had the day off! When Arthur signed with me, he was not to come on Mondays, but his mother got a promotion about a year ahead of schedule, and doesn’t feel she can work a shortened week for the next couple of months, so he was here today after all. Zach was to have stayed home with Gramma, who is visiting, but they’re having someone in to replace a window, and it will be “too crazy” there to have him around.

This latter does not impress me much: there are three adults at home – Mom, Dad, and Gramma. (Mom is on holiday, Dad works from home, and Gramma is here, officially visiting her grandson.) Surely between the three of them they can manage one two-year-old? I know the parents would be unimpressed if I took a day off simply because I was expecting a workman in the house, unless, of course, the environment would be unsafe. But for mere convenience? Not likely. Ah, well. They pay for the space, it is their right to use it! Still, to have had a day off waved under one’s nose and then whipped away causes a little wistfulness…

We had a nice outing, though. To be honest, a mere two tots, 2 and 3 years old at that, feels pretty much like a day off! Our favourite part was snacks at Second Cup, where we ate, chatted amongst ourselves and with some other patrons. The manager came round to compliment me on their behaviour – I love it when this happens! – and gave us a twofer coupon. Wasn’t that nice? Too often we are all too willing to notice and criticize rotten behaviour, but completely overlook the quiet, well-behaved, interesting and charming little ones – precisely because they’re not raising a ruckus! Me, I generally make a point of complimenting people about their children when it’s possible. It’s nice to be on the receiving end.

(I also compliment pregnant women on their appearance, and parents who are dealing effectively with a public temper tantrum, or other difficult behaviour. We need to do this for each other!)

I think that’s about it. As I said, not up to my usual standards. I’ll try harder tomorrow, I promise!

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