It’s Not All Mary Poppins

A New Project

Arthur is busy with the blocks, creating a long “train with steps on it”. As he works, he sings:

“Ah. Way. Mih-muh may-r r,
No. Cri fu a beh
The lih, lur Jee-uh
Lay dow ih ee ed.”

Recognize it?

You don’t have the advantage I did, of a reasonable facsimile of the tune. Arthur is remembering happy, cooler days, and is treating us to Away In A Manger.

A day or two I complained about his diction (or lack thereof). Today I’m seeing it as sweet, quirky, and, most importantly, A Project. I love a good roll-up-my-sleeves-and-get-into-it kid challenge! This one cries out to be tackled. Speech is clearly important to the boy, since he indulges ceaselessly. Why not make it easier for people to understand him? There are a few problem areas with his speech, but the most consistent is that he doesn’t put the final consonant onto his words. Right then. We’ll start with that.

Oooh. A Project. I am a happy woman.

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Sad but True

“Zach! Come on, love. In the door, please.”

Zach is hunkered down on the front porch, peering and pointing. “A ants! Oh! Lookita ants!”

“Yes, there’s an ant, all right. But it’s time to come in for lunch. Come on in.” I hold the door open with my right knee, as my left arm is filled with Alice, who sits astride my hip, a bag dangles from my left elbow, another from my right, and my right hand is holding the two t-shirts we won earlier today. If Zach doesn’t hustle himself, something will fall or break – my back being the most likely candidate for the latter.

Zach is still engrossed in the ant, not really hearing me. Emma, who is coming up the steps just behind us, finds the key to move him.

“Yeah, Zach.” Chirpy, matter-of-fact, encouraging. “Come on. There are lots of ants inside.”

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