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Computer Woes

My old, long-suffering computer is probably no more. It’s been dying by inches for a long time now, getting slower and slower, refusing to run my word processing and my browser at the same time, freezing unexpectedly, sometimes taking five attempts to boot up, and, most recently, having drivers fall off, one at a time. One day Rio stops burning music; another, we can’t copy pictures from the camera to a CD. Oh, and my printer? The box knows it’s there, and thinks it’s printing – but it’s not. It’s an Epson, hasn’t been used in three months, at least – which means the jets are all clogged impermeably with dry ink. My computer skills are limited to running my favourite programs. When stuff like this happens, I’m a blind man in an art gallery: I know there’s good stuff there somewhere, but it’s hopelessly beyond my reach.

Yesterday I bit the bullet, backed everything up, and ran the ” Product Recovery Program”. I wish I could say this had solved it, though I confess I was a bit dubious even as I made the attempt. That’s probably what went wrong: I’m being punished for my lack of faith. While the programs that I’ve reinstalled now work quickly (!!), I still have no drivers. Damn. No printer, no Rio, no photos. Damn. No modem, no internet. Damn!!!

What all this means is that I’ll probably be buying a new computer, which I can do – what else is a line of credit for? The kids can have the old one for games. This will make them happy, and me, too.

What this means for YOU, my dedicated reader, is that I may not be able to post every day; and when I do, I’ll be posting in the evening instead of the afternoon. Our second computer (officially my partner’s work computer) is in the basement. MY computer is in the kitchen. Next week is my over-the-top week: all my part-timers, all my full-timers, all my formerly-on-holidayers will be back, all together, all at once. Lord help me. I will scarcely have a moment to call my own, and I certainly will not be able to hide in the basement, much as I might like to, to type up entertaining anecdotes for my entertainment.

Nuts! I love blogging. Focussing on this incident or that event and framing it so it’s funny is my ray of sanity some days. When will I need this more than next week?? Typical, huh? Right when you most need it, your therapist bails on you.

Computers. Can’t live with ‘ em…

July 17, 2005 Posted by | random and odd, the dark side | 10 Comments