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Sing My Baby to Sleep

We just bought a couple of new CDs by a fellow named Tom Lips, and I’m loving them. He’s a terrific lyricist, and a fascinating mix of total goofball and complete romantic.

So you’ll find yourself listening to a poignant ballad on one track – one or two actually brought a lump to my throat – and then laughing out loud to something completely wacko on the next.

Take, for example, “Big Rocks are Falling”, a gentle lullaby in the soothing tradition of Rock-a-Bye Baby. Let’s have the first verse and chorus, shall we? (To actually listen to a bit of it, go here.)

Go to sleep, my little darling,
‘Cause you know you’re safe now,
right where you are.
Just don’t go peeking out the window,
‘Cause a great big boulder
Just crushed our car.

Big rocks are falling from the blue sky,
Falling thick and fast
Falling by the score.
Big rocks are falling from the blue sky,
So go to sleep now baby, Weep no more.

Shocked? Then you’ve never stayed up for long, dark hours, trying with increasing desperation to calm that howling fruit of your loins. Those of who have understand the cathartic value of a little dark humour. Crooning this to our fractious child at three in the morning is a blessedly wholesome way to sublimate those dark urges that arise within the sleep-deprived brain at such times.

All of you with under-twos should buy the disk for that one song!!

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Snarl, Mutter, Gripe


As you know, my computer has fallen apart, and is soon to be replaced. For the last week, I’ve been using my partner’s work internet connection, but this weekend we can’t seem to get online. I’m assuming that the remote connections have been disconnected while the techies work their magic. It’s a long weekend here, and they can reasonably assume minimal users. So now I’m actually AT my partners work so we can blog!! Aren’t we dedicated? Or is that obsessed? Or even pathetic…

Anyway. Plans are afoot to fix matters, but if contact is sporadic for the next few days, you’ll know why.

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