It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Hygiene, sorta

From the archives. Characters, Boy 1 and Boy 2, both 2 and a half. Boy 2 is quite a bit brighter than Boy 1. (What? Don’t give me that look. Some kids just have to work a little harder, that’s all… And this one rarely bothered.)

Between them, the boys have caused a major Cheerios spill. Little oat O’s cascade all over the dining room table, bench, and floor. The boys are each given a receptacle and are set to picking them up. Boy 1, not surprisingly, is happily shovelling them into his mouth as quickly as he can manage.

Boy 2 reprimands him. “No, no, we don’t eat food offa the floor! We eat it out of a bowl, like me, see?” he says, chewing with gusto. And displays for Boy 1’s perusal a little orange bowl, filled to the brim with Cheerios.

Which he had just picked up from the floor.

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Table Talk

I think I need to clarify something for all you people who are shaking your heads at the way I’m wasting perfectly good holiday time sweating over a table. I would never describe myself as someone overburdened with the old work ethic, but it is true that if I don’t do a few “productive” things with my down-time, I feel dissatisfied, even a little depressed. So my holiday must encompass diligence, frivolity, and sloth for me to feel wholly satisfied.

Now you know.

The table, having had three applications of stripper, is, I think, finally varnish-free. I’m waiting for it to dry from its latest before I know for sure, but either way, I’m not using that gunk any more. From here on it, it’s all sandpaper…

And, I fervently hope, I can begin to apply the new finish either this evening or tomorrow morning. Woo-hoo.

Someone asked if I have before and after pictures. Sadly, no. Unlike some of you Friday Stuff people, I don’t tend to take pictures of my furniture. I did think of it, in fact, but the day I started my sweetie was in Halifax with the camera. Without a “before” picture, is there any point to an “after”?

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