It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Huh?? Sorry, I’m Tired, What Can I Say?

It’s been a full couple of weeks, and I’m a bit tired right now. This post reflects my brain-dead state, but it amuses me in a mild sort of way, and right now, that’s good enough for me. You may make of it what you will…

Why am I weary? Five step-children in addition to my own two makes a houseful. (My eldest lives in the city where she attends university.) It gets a bit claustrophobic bytimes, when one considers that four of the seven are teens, and two more will be there within a year. You parents of tots don’t realize just how much space teens take – physical, auditory, psychic. You feel crowded by a two-year-old? Just wait till your 16-year-old son comes home with four friends: five boys with every bit as much energy as the same number of toddlers, only in adult- sized bodies and with Big, Deep Voices…

Which is why I was pleased to see these visitors in my kitchen the other day. Yes, they are quite a few of them, but they’re small, very quiet, don’t take much space,

and they don’t eat much.

Check out those bright eyes with the long lashes.
“Anyone see my glasses? Guys? Guys?”

“Hey, guys, don’t leave…”

August 16, 2005 Posted by | random and odd | 10 Comments