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ABCD Me, Me, Me

This was emailed to me some while ago, and has been sitting in my inbox ever since. May as well use it. You’ll be thrilled, no doubt.

Age – early forties
Booze – gin&tonic on occasion, Irish cream ales when I go out, and for summer fun: crushed ice lime margaritas, the grown-up slushie. I’m partial to hard lemonade, too. (Something about a cold drink on a shaded porch after work!)
Career – originally a teacher, now a daycare provider
Dad’s name – unknown (my mother was young and foolish once – it worked out well for me!)
Essential Item to Bring to a Party – me, with one drink in me for starters
Favorite Song(s)/Music – oh, there are so many!
– You Can Leave Your Hat On – the Etta James version, though I like Joe Cocker’s as well. I own both.
– Can’t Stand the Weather – Stevie Ray Vaughan
– “Honesty”, and “All I Want” – Tom Lips
– every Christmas I have to hear Jewel’s “Rudolph” at least once a day (but apart from that I prefer the traditional carols)
– The Gorilla Song – Raffi
– Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed – Harry Manx
(Not much of a top-40s girl, as you can see. That’s only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. I love music, I love to sing. I love the Beatles. Oh, and Pete Townshend, Peter Gabriel, and Tony D, Ella Fitzgerald. Beethoven’s 5th (Emperor) Concerto; Debussy’s 1st Arabesque; anything by Bach, Mozart’s horn concertos; Miles Davis, Leonard Cohen, A.J. Croce, Melissa Etherige… Okay, this is turning into its own post. Must stop now.)
Goof Off Thing To Do – read, walk, listen to music
Hometown – a hamlet in central Ontario. Population when I left, about 700, now, a town of 5,000!
Instrument You Play: Piano. Played oboe in high school. Took fiddle lessons for a few months last year.
Jam or Jelly You Like: President’s Choice Peach. Yummmm.
Kids – 3 of my own, 5 stepkids. (Mine: 19, 16, 12; His: 17, 15, 14, 12, 10)
Living Arrangement – commonlaw, 8 years.
Mom’s Name – Valerie
Name of Best Friend – Giulie (pronounced “Julie”, short for Giulietta. No, she’s not Italian – she was named after an Italian sportscar!)
Overnight Hospital Stays – only to give birth: 3.
Phobias – I’m claustrophobic in general, but mostly controlled. Caves really scare me. Hyperventilation, pounding heart, dizziness. Can’t go in ’em.
Quote You Like – “I generally avoid temptation, unless I can’t resist it.” Mae West
Relationship That Lasted the Longest – my first marriage (13 years)
Siblings – two: one sister, one brother.
True love, ever had? – yes, now!
Unique Trait – Optimism
Vegetable You Love – Which to choose? I LOVE vegetables! Ummm… asparagus!
Worst Trait – impatience
X-rays you’ve had – none, I think… (I’d have to ask my mother!)
Yummy Food You Make – What? Me, cook? I really get no pleasure from cooking, so while I’m perfectly competent to turn out decent meals, I can’t get excited about this at all, at all. I’m drawing a blank here.
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius

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