It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Vocabulary Confusion

Conversation between me and small son, then age two and a half. It is January. I am in the basement, using a palm sander.

“What’s dat, mummy?”
“It’s a palm sander.”
“Dat’s your pom-pom sander?”
I stop the machine. I discern a Teachable Moment, and I can’t let that go by. Besides, this is funny. First, let’s clarify the source of confusion. We need to Define Our Terms.

“What’s your palm, Adam?”

“It’s what goes onna top of my hat!”

Yes, it is as I thought. Confounded by a homonym. I turn his dimpled hand over, show him his palm. “This is your palm, sweetie.”

“Dis is my palm?”

“Yes, yes that’s right. It’s your palm.” Very carefully enunciated, very encouraging. Then I take his other pudgy hand and turn it palm-up.

“So what’s this, then?”

He considers both hands very carefully, and looks up.

“Dis is my hat???”

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Theology 101

This happened round the dining table, back when my practice was more orthodox than it currently is. (I still have beliefs, but they don’t fall neatly into that particular package any more.)

We were reading the Genesis story – you know, Adam, Eve, the snake and the apple. We came to the part where Adam blames Eve for leading him into sin. Haley, then 5 and a half, responded with indignation:

“That’s not fair!!” And of course she’s right. Adam is being a weasel. Eve’s first sin may have been disobedience; Adam’s was moral cowardice. Very pleased with her acuity, I ask,

“And where was Adam when Satan was trying to get Eve to disobey? Where was he?” (The answer, which, strangely, was never made entirely clear to me by my various Sunday School teachers, is: STANDING RIGHT BESIDE HER!!)

Haley paused before answering, and her little brother Adam (then two and a half) piped in, earnest and intense:

“I go and get God!!”

Well. The story would have had a whole ‘nuther ending if my Adam had been in the Garden!

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