It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Sunny Saturday Stride

This is where I go most summer weekends, at least once. Along the canal which runs through the centre of this lovely city is a bike and pedestrian path. It’s about a ten minute walk or less from my house to the canal. With this only three blocks from one’s home, who wouldn’t want to go for a stroll?? Actually, I never stroll – I stride. Strolling hurts my back.

Now I’ve turned around to show you the view in the other direction. That handsome fellow is my sweetie. And once more I ask: With such great company, who wouldn’t want to go for a stroll, er, stride?

Proceed a little further towards the downtown – see the buildings getting bigger? – and this is what you see. More gorgeousness! The canal does an arc to the left, and shortly we’ll come to the bridge we cross to get downtown, though we could, if we chose, continue along the canal to The Market, a pedestrian-friendly area chock full of tourists, restaurants, bistros, and crafty-type shops.

I love this little bridge. It’s just so pretty! The inlet behind it has a grassy park around it, and some very pricey homes back onto it. I was going to take you right downtown with me, about a 30 minute walk, but I got distracted by conversation with my sweetie, so I’m afraid our tour ends here.

See why I love living in this city??

August 27, 2005 Posted by | Ottawa, outings | 20 Comments