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I Love that Boy!

Adam was three and a quarter when little Emma was born; Haley was seven and a half. As you may recall from a previous post, Adam and Haley were both present for Emma’s birth. A few days after her birth, Adam presented me with a “picture” that he had drawn, and then directed me to “Write my words, mummy”. We often did that for his artwork – a dictated description of what he had created for those less well versed in scribble-interpretation. This one, though, was special:

This thing still gets me all teary…

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Striding, Part two

Today was another perfect “Let’s go for a walk!” day. Our street is still in chaos, as you can see, but I think that we’re in the final stages. The water and sewer stuff is done, so I think what’s going on now is preparing the road bed so as to lay the new street and sidewalk. I hope, I hope! After our usual 30 to 40 minute stride downtown, we are approaching our coffeeshop destination when we see…
…some sort of commotion further up the street. Having no set agenda and lots of idle curiosity, we have to go check it out. Once we arrive, we realize it’s the Pride Parade.

Good to see this lot has good relations with the local police! The officers in the car were waving and smiling, joking with the paraders and the parade-viewers. Yes, that is a rainbow flag hanging from the back window.

It was this particular group that brought a lump to my throat. It’s not the best picture, but what they’re doing is line dancing. Line dancing! Such an ordinary, unexceptional, some might call it mundane, even geeky – but an accomplishment for people for whom such a normal, everyday thing like dancing in public with their sweetie could have been dangerous not so very long ago. Still is, in some places. Imagine: line dancing as a subversive act!

And here we have it: the Real Reason Mary takes these longish walks every weekend. This, my non-Canadian friends, is a Chiller. A delicious, nicely sweet iced coffee confection, a drink for grown-ups, unlike the sickly-sweet approximation Starbucks offers. Made of espresso, milk, sugar, and crushed ice each one of this packs a nice caffeine wallop, the only form of caffeine my poor stomach will tolerate. (I figure it’s the anaesthetic effect of the ice.) It also, by my calculations, packs about 400 calories – but that’s okay, because, given that I burn 6.5 calories/minute for the 60+ minutes I walk to get one, I’m breaking even! It doesn’t count at all!! Mmmm-mmm-mmm, I love these things.

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