It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Here and There

These gorgeous gardens grace a long swathe of park along the Rideau Canal. In the spring, these beds hold thousands upon thousands of tulips, an ongoing gift of appreciation to Canada from The Netherlands for our assistance during the Second World War. Right now, the beds are full of…er…flowers. Pretty ones.

These were viewed from the middle of Dow’s Lake at the end of the canal, as the youngsters and I had decided that paddle-boating would be our end-of-summer family event. Mummy wanted to visit the gardens from the lake. “All right you guys? Want to go see the flowers?”

“Kids? Kids?” Where did they go?

Evidently the offspring had other ideas, and were heading to the wild side of the lake. The arboretum borders that side of the lake, a lovely mix of lawns, trees, and water. Perfect for running the dog. Or a couple of getaway children.

“Hey, you two! Wait up!”
These two in particular. The third was safely paddling with me. No signs of remorse here, are there?
Well, maybe they’re onto something. This is kind of fun!

An hour later though, our time is up, and we’re sweatily ready to get something to eat. The soon to return to university eldest opts for Kettleman’s, where they make “Montreal Style” bagels, over a wood-burning stove. Sometimes I bring the daycare tots here, just to watch. One day I’ll do that again and get you some better pictures.
He’s bending over so as to see the dozen or two bagels he’s putting into the oven. He’s got them all lined up on a long wooden plank. They are amazingly deft with those things. He can put fifteen or twenty bagels onto it, then put them in the oven in one long row, slide them all off, and even flip them when they’re done with that thing.

Fresh bagels on the patio. No picture of this, because we were too hungry to pause.

This was a good day. Tomorrow, the last of my holidays, is just for me. And on Thursday, we’re back to toddler tales! It’s been a good summer!

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A Small Price to Pay

Eat babaghanouj for breakfast, reek of garlic all day!
Oh, how I love this stuff!

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