It’s Not All Mary Poppins

What’s not to love?

Check out this post. Any man who can write like that about pregnant women? Well, you just have to love him.

I do, at any rate!

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The Competition is Over: We Have THE Winner

Move over, Hausfrau and So Not Martha! Misfit, you’re not even in the running for this one. All you wonderful mommies who feel you’ve fallen down on the job at one time or another (Lory, Susan, Heather, Mrs. A), you may now breathe a sigh of relief and know that Mary P has beat you all cold on this one. Yes, Mary, that parenting paragon, who can take five toddlers to a coffeeshop with nary a sign of a tantrum, and to the Art Gallery without setting off alarms or knocking over statuary, who talks sex to her teens without a ruffle, is officially the Bad Mother of the Year. Possibly the decade.
It’s about these shoes. They belong to my 16 year old son, Adam. They are in rough shape, this is clear. Grubby, pretty battered. This, however, does not make me a Bad Mother. All kids’ shoes, especially teenage boys’, get battered at the end of the summer. It’s just time for a trip to the shoe store before school, that’s all. Everybody does that!

These shoes, however, do have issues, as Adam displayed for me yesterday. Yes, that’s pretty bad. These shoes are definitely in the “critical” stage. I’ve now moved down to “Mediocre Mother”, but in my defense I point out that this boy has the male aversion to shopping – even his mother’s very focussed “get-in-there-get-it-and-get-out” type shopping – and a busy social life. So I’m not a Bad Mother even for this. It has not been easy pinning him down.

However, it has surely not been impossible, which would be the only possible excuse for this, which happened last night.

That’s right. We have a sole-less shoe. And, what really makes me a Bad Mother is that these are his ONLY shoes! The boy will have to “wear” these, however we’re going to manage that, to the shoe store! And it’s raining today. Raining, raining, raining. Oh, I’m a Bad Mother…

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