It’s Not All Mary Poppins

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

…for this competely random little activity. A friend sent it to me a while back. It’s quite the mind-bender. Even though I focussed on what I was to do, and had it quite clearly in my mind as I proceeded, I could feel the struggle within my brain! Another two seconds on each screen, and it would have been easy, but almost every time, despite my mental efforts, I wasted a second or two overcoming my first impulse. Fascinating!

The Color Test

Update: With NEW, IMPROVED Link!!!

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Long, Long Weekend

Ive managed a freebie day off! Only two children were scheduled to come today. By eight this morning I’d received two calls, one telling me they’d decided to keep their boy home today, the second to let me know their little guy had puked up his breakfast, and wouldn’t be coming.

The second type of call are the most entertaining for me, assuming it’s one the the multitude of normal childhood ailments and nothing dire, of course. While externally I’m full of sympathy, and “I hope he’s better soon”‘s, internally I’m cheering: “Yes!! A day off!”

One of the little conflicts of caregiving. As long as I never let the inner celebration slip out my mouth while I’m talking to the parent, I’ll be fine. “Suzie’s sick? Oh, that’s terrifi–ble…”

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