It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I’m so Impressed

“We’re leaving the park in two minutes, Zach. Two more minutes to play.”


I wander round the sandbox, giving each child their two minute warning. By the time I get back to Zach, I’m ready to start loading them into the stroller. As I return with Alice on my hip, Zach is there ahead of me, busily tossing sand toys into the basket under the stroller. Completely unasked. Zach, I might remind you, turned two only a month or so ago. And further remind you that he’s just returned after a month away. He has remembered that this is our pattern, and is gathering our toys, all on his own. I am sooo impressed.

I praise him to the skies. And discreetly return to the sandbox all toys that are not ours.

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For Your Amusement

Because it sure amuses me.


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