It’s Not All Mary Poppins

The Silver Lining

You’ve heard me complain a little about the dust and the noise and the general chaos of the roadwork that’s been going on all summer. I just thought I’d show you that there have been compensations. Not so bad to open your door to this at quarter past seven in the morning!

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Enunciation comes Later

Zach calls from the stroller, “Bi-iiiwww!! Bi-iiiwww! Look, Mahwee, bi-biiiwww!”

Hmmm… “Bear, Zach? Do you see a bear?” We’re strolling outdoors; presumably it wouldn’t be of the animate variety, but perhaps he’s seen a teddy in someone’s drive or front window?

“No. Bi-iiiwwww!”

“Bell? Is there a bell somewhere?”

“NO. Look, look, Mahwee. Bi-iiiwwww!”

We’ve progressed a few metres while this conversation was occurring, and now I realize that Zach is pointing to the barricade at the end of the street, beyond which, as we both know, is a

Big Hill!!!


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