It’s Not All Mary Poppins

More Why’s

Harry, to my sixteen-year-old son, Adam, who is playing a computer game:  Why are you playing that game?

Adam:  Because I like it.

Harry: (You know this is coming, don’t you?) Why do you like it?

Adam:  Don’t get all philosophical on me, kid.

Harry:  Okay!

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Sleep, Little Baby


Little Alice is the unhappy recipient of a little sleep training these days. I’m not sure how much success I can expect to have since I only have her two or three days a week. Her sleep patterns are erratic and generally insufficient: 25 – 45 minutes is not enough for a child her age – or for me! I’m aiming for an hour an a half, minimum. Each and every day. Today she made it to an hour without waking. Progress, indeed. I decided I would insist on the extra half hour.

At time of writing, she is – intermittently, thankfully – registering her heart-felt indignation, one might well say outrage, at this situation. This is progress. Last week it was not intermittent. At all. And in another 4 minutes I will go rescue her.

And me, I sip my tea, I blog a bit, I tidy the kitchen, I hum to myself, because it’s Friday, and I am less than two hours from the weekend!!

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Let Me Make this one thing Perfectly Clear

Yesterday was one of those “Lord, give me strength” days with Harry. Here’s one example of many…

I send George and Darcy upstairs for a precautionary pre-park pee. Harry has been recently, so when he informs me,

“I don’t have to go pee,” I respond with a quick,

“Okay, Harry, I’ll trust you on that.”

“I won’t go upstairs,” he expands, “because I don’t need to use the toilet.”

Thinking he perhaps hadn’t understood my idiom, I explain myself. “It’s all right, Harry. I know you don’t need to pee. You don’t have to try again.”

“Because I don’t need to pee.”

“That’s right.” Phew. Glad we’ve sorted that one out.

“So I’m not going to go upstairs.”

“No, you’re not. We’re going to get our shoes on and go to the park.” Let’s move on to the next thing, think about the park, shall we?

As he sits to put on his sandals, he comments, “I already went pee, and I don’t have to go use the toilet.”

I give him a look. We have, as far as I’m concerned, thoroughly wrung every last ounce of entertainment value from this particular subject. I speak slowly and very, very clearly, my words weighted with meaning. “No. You’re not going upstairs, because you don’t need to pee. It’s all right, Harry. I understand.”

“I don’t have to go pee, so I’m not going to go up-”

All right, Harry!”

He subsides.

Today it’s making me laugh!!

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