It’s Not All Mary Poppins

There’s Warts and there’s Warts…

I just popped into my Technorati page, to see if I have anybody new linking to me. Found nothing of excitement in the links section. Dooce and Instapundit remain resolutely uninterested in my daily hilarity, and even Blogging Baby and DotMoms haven’t yet checked out my words of wisdom.

But all is not lost. There is an item of note on the page. Glance to the left, and look at my list of “sponsored links”!! Well, well, well…

Sponsored Links

Genital Warts Treatment
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Get Rid of Genital Warts

That gives one pause. How on earth does a nice, family-friendly site like mine, a site which, in six months, has used the F-word only once – Once! and I was quoting get sponsored by all those juicy sites? Sites with such a very specific focus. Heck, they’re not even funny! No naughty fun on my sponsored links, no indeed, just unmentionably physical ickiness. Probably complete with pictures. Not that I went looking.

My persona is Mary Poppins, for goodness’ sake! How the original Mary P would have recoiled. I can hear her disapproving sniff from here. Oh, but wait. She’s not sniffing at technorati’s vulgarity. Her snort – a small and ladylike, but very telling snort – is directed at me. For it was I who raised the indelicate subject of bodily imperfections. It was I who first used the W-word. Yes, it’s true. I am my own culprit.

Didn’t I proclaim myself – over there to the left in the “About Me” bit, you can see it – to be in the business of wart removal? Oh my. How very foolish. For in the world of seach engines, warts can only be physical, after all, not metaphorical, and of only one particularly nasty physical type.

There goes Mary P the 1st, snorting at me once again – only this time she’s laughing.

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Two Things that Make Me Happy

This is the shelf in my cupboard that houses the daycare stuff. I like its bright, cheerful colours. I like that I can look at this and almost pretend that I’m organized. Almost.

Their stuff is colour coded, too. See those bowls on the left? They’re those wee Ikea bowls, each holding 3/4 cup comfortably, but no more. Good for little ones. The pale green on on the bottom is George’s; then we have orange for Harry, blue for Darcy, yellow for sunny Katie, red for Alice, and deep green for Zach. Then the sippy cups for the under-twos, and the juice boxes for the threes, when we’re out and about. The plastic regular cups on the next shelf over are for those old enough not to spill when we’re home.

I found these yesterday. Aren’t they great? Jumbo crayons. Do they still give jumbo pencils and crayons to the smallest children? It brought back a memory of Miss Lockwood’s grade one class in my little village school, and so I had to buy a couple of packs, for nostalgia if nothing else!

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Construction goes on. And on.

Darcy confronts The Machine.

It’s a grader. Is this a sign we’re nearing the end? This is one time I’m grateful for the onset of winter: they’ll have to be done by then!

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