It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Two Things that Make Me Happy

This is the shelf in my cupboard that houses the daycare stuff. I like its bright, cheerful colours. I like that I can look at this and almost pretend that I’m organized. Almost.

Their stuff is colour coded, too. See those bowls on the left? They’re those wee Ikea bowls, each holding 3/4 cup comfortably, but no more. Good for little ones. The pale green on on the bottom is George’s; then we have orange for Harry, blue for Darcy, yellow for sunny Katie, red for Alice, and deep green for Zach. Then the sippy cups for the under-twos, and the juice boxes for the threes, when we’re out and about. The plastic regular cups on the next shelf over are for those old enough not to spill when we’re home.

I found these yesterday. Aren’t they great? Jumbo crayons. Do they still give jumbo pencils and crayons to the smallest children? It brought back a memory of Miss Lockwood’s grade one class in my little village school, and so I had to buy a couple of packs, for nostalgia if nothing else!

September 27, 2005 - Posted by | random and odd


  1. I LOVE the IKEA stuff! I have those very same bowls and cups.. I also have the matching plates in the shape of flowers and the cutlery.

    For the first time since I have even known what Ikea is, I am living in a place that doesn’t have one. So sad…

    Comment by Misfit Hausfrau | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  2. I have the plates, too! They were just in the sink right then, er, soaking… I’ve seen the cutlery and keep meaning to go back and get some. I mean, how cute is that??

    And you know what else? I’ve had kids get so attached to “their” colour and “their” set, that when they graduate on to school, I’ve wrapped up plate, bowl, and cup as a going-away present/souvenier!

    Comment by Mary P. | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  3. That cupboard looks better in the photo than it does in real life. It’s probably the bright lighting (due to the use of a flash?).

    We should install a light in there, then remove the cupboard door permanently, to fill the kitchen with good cheer. At least for the Christmas season.

    But the crayons need something beside them to give perspective; it isn’t clear just how “jumbo” they really are.

    Suddenly I’m not a blogger, I’m an art critic!

    Comment by Q | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  4. Cute tip! I’ll have to remember that next time I have a house full of kids. Let’s pray they’re not all mine.

    Jumbo crayonz, mmmmm. Supersize me, baby.

    Comment by ieatcrayonz | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  5. Q: Yes, a flash, but I suspect the cupboard looks better than usual because I cleaned it up a bit before I took the picture I intended to show to the world.

    I thought of having a kid or two hold a crayon for perspective, but good luck getting them to hold it still enough for a picture. I have more blurred kid shots than enough already!

    Crayons: I was delighted to find those things at IKEA several years ago, and immediately scooped them for the daycare. (Oh, and they’re CHEAP, cheap, cheap, too, even better. I paid $2.00 per set of 6. I have four sets: two of the bowls, and one each of cups, and plates. Making for a total of $8.00 for 24 pieces. Not bad!)

    Even if you don’t run a daycare, they make great kid partyware. Bright, cheap, pretty, and indestructable; far better than throwing out heaps of disposable paper and plastic every time!

    Comment by Mary P. | September 27, 2005 | Reply

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