It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Parrot – oops

Katie is at the parrot stage. Everything you say to her, it comes right back atcha. Well, a word or two, at least.

“What a nice day!”
“Nice day!”

“”Okay, everyone. Let’s get our shoes on!”

“Let’s go to the park.”

“Do you want some cheese?”

“Gah. You need a clean diaper, miss!”

“Did your mummy bring you today?”
“Mumma b’ing!”

“Is that your daddy’s new truck?”

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Seven Things

I’ve been volutarily tagged by Susan, and thought I’d post it first. (I already have something written and saved to post this afternoon – how organized is that??)

7 things I plan to do before I die:

I don’t make these kinds of plans. However, 7 things I’d like to do before I die:

1. When I’m angry, truly, righteously, justifiably angry with someone, I want to actually show it, no holds barred, and not be frightened of the consequences. I want to experience the cleansing of anger.

2. Be debt-free – this includes the mortgage!

3. Write a book. Or two.

4. Travel widely.

5. Learn to speak French.

6. Retire into affluence.

7. See my children launched into content, productive adulthood.

(This one for Q: And get married? Still not at all sure of that one, my dear, but if I ever decide to, you’re the one!)

Seven things I can do:

1. Play piano.

2. Read very quickly.

3. React calmly to a crisis.

4. See the bright side.

5. Admit my errors. Mostly.

6. Give a gracious apology when appropriate.

7. Teach (which includes potty training – you can do it, Susan!)

7 Things I cannot do:

1. Tolerate loud noises.

2. Enter a cave.

3. Express anger without feeling afraid.

4. Fly a plane.

5. Memorize stuff – I used to be able to!

6. Keep my house clean.

7. Stay awake after 10 p.m. more than three nights running.

7 Things that Attract me to the Opposite Sex:

1. Nice calves. Thighs are good, too.

2. Eye crinkles, a little grey in the hair.

3. Good listener.

4. Good conversationalist – not just chit chat, but the Real Thing.

5. Able to laugh at himself.

6. Values compatible with mine.

7. Well-read and/or well-travelled.

7 Things I Say Most Often:

1. Shhhhh!

2. Five…four…three…tw – Thank you

3. I love you.

4. Hands are not for hitting. Hands are for hugging.

5. Walk in the house. WALK.

6. What do you say?

7. Good job!

7 celebrity crushes:

This one was tough. I’ve never formed crushes on plastic people. I also just don’t pay a whole lot of attention to television, etc.

However, I have lusted after:

Whoever that was who played Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. Marianne preferred Willoughby, stupid child, leaving Brandon on the loose: Oh, pick me, pick me!!

Colin Firth when he played Darcy in Pride and Prejudice; all that dark and brooding sexuality, yum;

Sean Connery – it’s the grey hair and eye crinkle thing;

For a while, I had a Pierce Brosnan thing, but it seems to have faded.

And that’s it. Can’t come up with seven.

7 People I tag:

I’ll let you tag yourselves, whoever wants to!

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