It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Lurking Menace

Here we see a nice, kid-friendly t-shirt. Bright, with a child and a clown, and a balloon, even. Seems innocuous, even whimsical. Wrong. It is a shirt of menace.

It’s the balloon, you see. Katie loves it. Katie is convinced that no snuggle with Mary is completed without taking due note of the “boon!” Due note includes a few pokes at it with an astonishingly sharp finger.

Picture, for a moment if you will, over just exactly what part of my anatomy that damned balloon lays.


October 6, 2005 Posted by | Mischief, random and odd, the cuteness! | 6 Comments

Another Great Kid Word

From the mouths of babes, or in this case, Katie once more.

Katie’s version of “Thank you” is “sank-oo”; her version of “you’re welcome” is “ekkum”. But why use two sets of words when you can combine the two into one, all-purpose word of politeness?


October 6, 2005 Posted by | the things they say! | 1 Comment