It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Well, It Usually Works

My nineteen year old daughter is home from university in another city, and has popped in for a visit. Arthur, the social and curious animal that he is, races over to check her out.

“What’s your name?”
“What’s your name?”
“My name is Haley.”
“What’s your name?”
Arthur can see he’s on to a good thing here. The question has riveted her attention, so why quit with a good thing? Haley is too experienced to be ruffled by this, though, and responds with a warm smile.
“You know my name. I just told you. What’s my name?”
“That’s right. And what’s your name?”
“Hello, Arthur. Nice to meet you.”

The niceties accomplished, she turns to continue our conversation, but there is no way young Arthur will give up the conversational ball and her attention so easily as that. He starts his next sentence using the word most trusted by three-year-olds to keep both ball and attention firmly in their control: “Why…” You can see the wheels turning: ‘Okay, so far, so good. She’s still looking at me. Only, what comes next? Oh! Brainstorm!’: “… is your name Haley?”

Haley laughs out loud. “Well, that’s a silly question,” she chuckles. “Why is your name Arthur?”

Arthur’s a bit miffed at being laughed at, and he doesn’t have a good response. He thinks it over for a minute, then decides his dignity is best served by absenting himself. As he leaves the room, he tosses over his shoulder, his voice rich with disdain:

“That’s a silly question, Haley.”

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It was a damp, chill day, but there’s no snow yet, so off to the park we go. The slides are out of the question, the bouncy toys are dewed with wet, and the sand is too cold to sit upon. However, there are lots of lovely tubes and ladders!

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