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Book Review: The Passions of “Are You My Mother?”

This is one of our very favourite books. We read it every day. It never, ever gets stale. Ever.

Thankfully, Mary, having had lots and lots of practice with it over the past twenty years (it’s a Classic), reads it with great poignancy, for this book has lots and lots of poignant moments. She reads it with much expression, too, because there are lots of expressive moments: of hope and then bitter disappointment; of bravery and staunch determination; a moment of laughter; even a moment of despair.

Here’s the moment of determination. I just love this page:

Can’t you just see the fortitude and decision radiating from this wee bird’s scrawny body? Every feather on his stick-like frame quivers with resolute vigour. You can do it, baby bird! You get out there and you FIND that momma!!

So, lots of expression. Too much expression for Arthur. As we approach the page of despair, Arthur instructs me, “Don’t use that very sad voice, Mary.”

“But I have to, lovie; the baby bird is very sad.”

“Then I will cover my ears.”

“You do that.”

Here is the moment of despair:

Pathetic, isn’t it? It culminates in him/her wailing “I want my mother!”, and when I wail it, let me tell you, it’s pathetic. I do baby bird pathos with tear-jerking poignancy.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I can tell you that Arthur is happy with how it turns out.

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