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Christmas Idea

It’s not too early!! It’s never the wrong time to think of people with far less than us. Here’s a link to a catalogue of Christmas gifts of a type that make gift-giving something to feel truly good about, gifts that enrich lives, gifts that could even save a life. Think about it.

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Canny Boy

George and Arthur are negotiating. Arthur has a toy that George would like to play with.

“You can have it in one minute,” says Arthur. This is a common strategy here at Mary’s house. The times are generally one minute, two, or three. The children don’t know exactly what these times mean, obviously, but it serves the very useful purpose of indicating child A’s willingness to share, and tells child B they’ll get it if they’re patient a bit longer. Not a bad strategy. Mary often tells the child when the time period is up: time being a relative concept, two minutes to the sharer is a much longer period than two minutes would be were the share-ee to determine when it’s ended. It’s not always necessary, however. Lots of genuinely kind sharing happens around here.

So, George has been offered the toy in one minute, which in our parlance means “a very short while”. George glances at the clock, and says, “Five minutes.” How very strange. Some kids have no idea about the relative value of numbers, but George does. Or at least I thought so. Arthur agrees with enthusiasm; seems he knows five is more than one.

George nods, well pleased, and keeps watching the clock. He’s got a plan, that much is evident. After another twelve seconds or so he anounces, “There! Five minutes!” Arthur’s a bit dubious, but George explains, pointing to the clock: “You can tell it was five minutes because that hand just went over the number five.” Arthur hands it over without further protest. He can’t argue with that.

I’m impressed! He knows a clock is for measuring time. Apparently he understands how the hands move. The second hand was passing the two when they made their agreement; it would thus get to the five before it got to the one again. He could get it sooner that way, and the irrefutable clock would be on his side! Not bad for three and a half. Poor ARthur didn’t stand a chance.

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I’m In!

There. I’ve done it. I’m going to write a novel this month!! Never mind all your snorts of derision; I can’t hear them above mine own of incredulity, anyway.

In Answer to the FAQ’s:

What the heck is NaNoWriMo?
Click the link.

Am I nuts??
Quite possibly.

Do I have 50,000 words in me?
I’m not sure I have ten!

Will this interfere with the blog?
I’m going to try not to, but no promises. I’m aiming for 2,000 words before 9 a.m. six days a week. After one entire day, I’m 67 words AHEAD of schedule!!

Will I have fun?
You bet’cha!!

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