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The children have a WTF moment…

“Only you gots red mittens, Zach!” Arthur enthuses.

“Yeah, only you!” Darcy is right in there. Not to be left out, George ensures that the point is made crystal clear.

“Not Arthur, only you!”

“Not Darcy, only you!”

“Only you!”

“Only you!”

Mary, in a stream-of-consciousness moment engendered by partial attention to the “conversation” and a need to find Zach’s other boot, intones in a gravelly, bear-like voice,

“Only You…Can Prevent Forest Fires.”

Dead silence falls. Four heads turn my direction, four pairs of eyes stare incomprehending for a blank moment, and then as one, they turn from me and resume regularly schedulled programming.


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George and Darcy have set up a ball diamond in the living room. The three bases are small board books; home plate is a purple cushion. There are neither balls nor bats anywhere in sight, but the game is unhindered by such details.

George calls to Darcy, who is sitting on home plate. “You need to move. I’m going to slide?”


“Because that’s what you DO on home plate.”

“You slide?”

“Yes. So you need to move.”

Darcy stands, walks over to first base (aka “Things That Go”) and plants a foot on it. He shuffles with it under his left foot, and plants his right on second base (“Horns to Toes”), then shifts and shuffles towards the outfield (aka the front hall) with a book (aka a base) under each foot. George watches this with growing consternation.

“Darcy! What are you doing with the bases??”


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