It’s Not All Mary Poppins

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Arthur puts a bucket on his head, then on Darcy’s, and commences to sing:

“This hat is your hat, this hat is my hat…” (Three guesses for the tune!)

As we leave the coffee shop, the nice young lady behind the counter calls out, “Bye, guys!”

“Where are you going?” asks Arthur.

(G’night, Gracie.)

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Christmas is Afoot

Instructions for a happy Christmas.
Take one book, “How to Make a Rag Rug”.
Purchase supplies:

(craft quality, not the cheap stuff that goes around hedges – too bad!).
Rug hooks.
Add one crafty twelve-year-old…

And, with maybe a little help from mum, though certain 12-year-olds don’t think this will be necessary, by Christmas a certain grampa (who does not read this blog!) will have a nice rug for his bedside on cold January mornings!

We’ll keep you posted.

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