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November 4, 2005 Posted by | memes and quizzes | 5 Comments

Now THAT’S Motivation!

From my page-a-day calendar, published by the Uncle John’s Bathrom Reader people:

November 3 entry:

Uncle John’s
Stall of Fame

Honoree: Carl Rennie Davis, a pub owner in Strourbridge, England.

(Apology to all you English readers: Americans don’t seem to realize that other countries subdivide their countries, too. So you’ll see American citations as “Columbus, OHIO, USA”, but Canadian ones as “Medicine Hat, CANADA”. Seems we have no provinces after all. Apparently this principle applies to British citations, too…)


Background: David installed paddle wheels in the drainpipes of his men’s room urinals; then he hooked each one up to a row of vertical lights. How many lights flash depends on how long — and how “strong” — the guy pees. Customers can compete to see who can light the most lights, and because extra rows of lights are mounted over the bar, ladies in the pub can follow the action.

Well. I gotta get me one of those! I live for the day my bathroom doesn’t smell faintly of stale pee…

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