It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Trip to The Market

On a chill and damp late October day, with only three children in tow, we decided to hop a bus downtown. Our destination? The Byward Market, known here as simply “The Market”.

Rows of vendors sell produce throughout the spring and summer. Now that the fields are pretty much empty, the farmer’s stalls are dwindling, while the craft stalls multiply madly! It won’t be much longer before they all pack it in. Nobody sits in a stall waiting for intrepid, thirty-below shoppers. The most common item on offer the week before Hallowe’en, was – surprise! – lots and lots of pumpkins!

You often see one of these in/around the market, as well as rickshaws. I love the big hairy feet on these gentle giants!

We passed this on the way out of The Market, and you can be sure we did NOT go in. I couldn’t possibly get out without purchasing some of ther (over-priced) goodies, and then I’d have to share it with the kids! My calories, mine, all mine…

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