It’s Not All Mary Poppins

RTFM, if you please…

Four children today, only one of whom needs a stroller. A lovely fall day. Put those together, and you have all the elements of a bus outing.

This imposing edifice, alternately called “The Castle Museum” or “The Dinosaur Museum” by the tots, was our destination. Nobody but tiny tots and a few tourists call it a castle, of course, and despite the engraving over the front doors, nobody except perhaps a few tourists call it the “Victoria Memorial Museum”, either.

This is the Canadian Museum of Nature.

The museum is under massive renovation these days. Admission fees are now by voluntary donation. These dinosaurs out front are relatively new, and the kids were delighted to make their acquaintance. They spent ten very happy minutes clambering over mom and baby, at which point Mary decided to check out the plaque. This is a museum, after all, and the children are here to have an educational experience.

Gee. Too bad I didn’t wait another ten minutes or so to enrich their minds…

It was great fun while it lasted!

November 8, 2005 Posted by | Ottawa, outings | 10 Comments