It’s Not All Mary Poppins

That’d be “Goodness Gracious”, right?

Conversation overheard today between two boys, who, in the interests of security, will be called “boy 1” and “boy 2”.

Boy 1: I heard Santa Claus in the middle of the night last night.

Boy 2: Was he snoring?

1: No he was going “ho, ho, ho”.

2: Why?

1: Because that’s what Santa Claus does. He says ‘Ho, ho, ho’.”

2: He doesn’t sleep?

1: No, because he is busy makin’ toys for us.

2: Well, he gots to sleep sometimes.

1: No, he doesn’t.

2: Well. Jesus Muffy.

Let me make very clear that any profanities uttered by the children are entirely the province and responsibility of their parents.

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And the Winner Is….

…some guy searching for “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road”.

Sorry, but I’m not giving him/her my prize, artfully handcrafted specifically for this contest by Matthew. Then there were a couple of blog-scan systems, and then…at position number 10,003…

drumroll, please…


You may step up to the podium now:


Good lord, it’s HUGE!! Matthew, why is it so big??

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