It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Oh, that’s much better…

Arthur finishes his artwork, and sits up with a sigh of satisfaction.

“Now we’ll just let it dry, and then we’ll take it home.”

I look at it. “It’s a crayon drawing, sweetie, not a painting; it doesn’t need to dry.”

“Yes, it’s a little wet.” I try not to let my exasperation show. Honestly, this boy would argue black is white some days!

“Arthur, it’s crayons. It’s not wet.”

He trails his fingers through the box of chunky crayons. “I think it might feel a little wet.” He nods his head, smiles encouragingly up at me, willing me to see his point.

Now I’m not sure if we’re talking about the crayons or the drawing. Is he suggesting that the crayons are wet, and have made his drawing wet?

“The only way the crayons might be wet is if you put them in your mouth. Did you?” Though he’s three and should be past it, toys still do find their way to his mouth from time to time.

He pulls his head back in some indignation. He hastens to clear his name of the accusation. The very idea!

“Nooooo! I didn’t put them in my mouth! I sneezed!”

November 11, 2005 Posted by | crafts, eeewww | 12 Comments