It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Don’t You Just Hate It…

…when you grab the bathroom doorknob, and it’s slimy???

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Christmas is Coming, the Crafts are All Begun

Today’s Christmas craft was potato printing. You’ve all done this, I’m sure. Take a few good-sized potatoes, but not too big for the kids to grasp. Cut them in half. Cut a shape into the flat surface. I generally use cookie-cutters for this. Press the cutter firmly into the potato, then cut away the outside of the shape. Easy!

Darcy, here, is using the “slide-n-smear” technique perfected by George a few minutes earlier. George had accidentally slid his star stamp across the page.

“Oh, look!” He crowed. “I made a shootin’ star!”

Vicarious learning is big at this age. A moment later, Darcy is crowing too. “Oh, look! I made a shootin’ tree!!”

Tip: For the very youngest children, only provide one colour paint. Or, if you want to be clever and educational as well, provide a two primary colours and see what third colour results.

N.B. Christmas colours are NOT both primary, so if you want artwork that is not a series of mud-coloured amoeba, give the tots one colour at a time, with enough time between for a little drying to occur.

The results, as you can see, are chaotically spectacular!

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