It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Undercover Operator

So you know that little near-miss I had with Katie and the hummer? Some of you made helpful suggestions: I was warned to put the object in question on a higher shelf; someone else mentioned something about a sock. Good ideas, and thank you for your input. People may wonder why I carry a single sweatsock in my purse, but no more than they might wonder why I need that other thing in there. (If I were a guy, the purse would be more of a mystery than the sock, but that tangent is for someone else’s blog.)

Well. Since then I’ve come across not one, not even two, but THREE other possibilities. Q and I, staid old mostly-married couple that we are, have a weekly date night; this week’s included a trip to Venus Envy, wherein we discovered a “Vibe Cosy” which looked like something your grandma would make — if she’s partial to crocheted cucumber covers. It would prevent scratches on metallic surfaces, but it doesn’t really hide the contents, so, not quite the thing for we privacy-impaired mommies.

The second is a little throw cushion with a zipper down one side, which opens to reveal a cottony-soft hideaway for your several of your buzzing buddies. These cushions come in three tasteful patterns: Zebra, Tiger, and Cheetah. Yes, indeed. Good idea, bad, bad, bad execution. But maybe I can sew my own?

And then I found it. Not on a shelf, but in a magazine on a shelf. Far and away my favourite, this form of camouflage would work really, really well in Mary’s world. Brought to you by the designers at….

Feast your eyes on these little gems:

It’s the cozy family!! Little blue Misho, who fits over a mini-hummer, and big red Tricky, who can handle up to eight inches. No info on the pink terry number: maybe it’s for your water-friendly friends?

So, all nervous mommies, there we have it! The perfect disguise for a child-friendly, kid-dominated home: a comfort object for mommy’s comfort object — what could possibly be more apropos??

November 19, 2005 Posted by | Mischief, Ottawa, sex | 12 Comments