It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Fun, wow!!

Just to show you that I do indeed take them outdoors! Even when it’s nine below zero – which, on a gloriously sunny day like today, actually felt quite nice, thanks!
And when I do take them outside, I know how to show them a good time, let me tell you! As Henry Fonda said in “On Golden Pond”, “What’s the point of having a midget around the place if you can’t put it to work?” (After which utterance his wife – Katherine Hepburn – walloped him, as I recall…)

What is it about small tots and shovelling? They absolutely can’t get enough of it! When does the thrill of it leave? Right about the time that they become anything near useful at it, that’s when…

November 26, 2005 Posted by | outings | 11 Comments