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In The Trenches

Not all that long ago, Misfit decided that all those parents of quirky kids needed a happy, supportive place to go and see that they are not alone, that you can parent a child who is not cut from the standard mold, take great satisfaction in it, fight the battles that litter your day — and stay sane, all at the same time.

What better happy, supportive spot than right in your living room, drink at your elbow, with your laptop cosily warming your thighs? (Never mind with the snickers and double entendres: on a cold January day, it’s something I genuinely appreciate about my laptop!) She’s started this great blog, called appropriately “In The Trenches”. And she invited me to write for it, too! Now I have TWO blogs on my dashboard – I’m so impressed with myself!! And the big coup? Bright, sassy, funny-as-hell Candace got Susan on board. Susan, whose posts always make me think, usually make me laugh and often give me that old lump-in-the-throat even as I smile, she writes with such clarity, reality, and hope. I’m thrilled to be part of this group of women!

Here’s what it’s all about, taken from Candace’s first post:

I want this to be a place where parents of challenging children can come to commiserate and get ideas. I want this to be a place where people who have challenging children in their lives (aunts, uncles, daycare providers, teachers, etc.) can come to share stories, to learn things, and yes, to vent, because those of us who love challenging children need to vent, without judgment. I also want this to be a place where good days can be celebrated. Good days, for us, are days where the child is still whole and the caregiver hasn’t left with the credit cards and a full tank of gas. Good days are days where your child finishes a test in the allotted time, or puts her face in the water during swimming lessons without working herself up into hysterics. Good days for us are often bad days for the parents of typical children.

Welcome. Grab a drink, get comfortable, and share the ride with us.

Isn’t that great? If that sounds like you, or someone you know, come on over and check it out!

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Guest Blogging/co-Blogging

Little Ms. Prolific has suddenly blossomed from my fingertips when I wasn’t paying attention.

If you all pop over to Matthew’s blog, you’ll see I’m today’s guest blogger, going on at some embarrassing length about family traditions. Thanks for the airtime, Matthew!

And if you pop over to Candace’s new blog, you’ll find that I’m a contributor, and have actually put a post there today, as well.

Insomnia isn’t entirely a bad thing…

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Oooo…He said THAT word

Arthur and Darcy play amidst gales of laughter.
Darcy: You’re a poo-poo! (BWAH-hahahah)
Arthur: No, YOU’re a poo-poo!
Darcy: No, YOU’RE a poo-poo!
Arthur: No, YOU’RE a poo-poo!
minutes pass, the game continues…
Darcy: No, YOU’RE a poo-poo!
Arthur: No, I’m not, ‘cuz poo goes inna toilet.
Darcy: You’re a poo-poo toilet!
Arthur: Mary! Mary, Darcy said toilet!!!

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