It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Keeping you Up-to-Date

I suddenly realized that big changes are afoot at Mary’s house, and I have not apprised you of them at all. For shame.

1. I am getting a new baby! (Please note the verb: getting, not having.) Eleven-month-old Nigel, George’s baby brother, starts tomorrow morning. Yes, yet another boy. I just attract males in droves, what can I say?

2. Baby Alice will be quitting at the end of the month. I’m losing one of the only two girls! Alice’s mother is expecting another child in January, and unlike many of my clients, Alice’s mother will stay home with both her babies for her year-long maternity leave. Yay, Alice’s mom! There are so many things to love about that woman, besides her darling baby. I will miss her.

3. Thomas is back!! He’s coming every other Friday for the next little while.

And now you know.

December 4, 2005 Posted by | daycare | 5 Comments

Ah, That’s Better

I had been venting my frustration into the listening ears of my sweetie. I’ve been working so hard, so consistently, so insistently with this particular child, who seems wholly impervious to my every tactic. (My sweetie listens patiently and supportively to my tantrum. You think caregivers don’t have teeny little lady-like tantrums from time to time? Ha!)

And then he speaks words of wisdom, soothing and kind, putting the whole endeavour into its right perspective:

“You succeed with this child every time you reach the end of the day and the child is still alive.”

He’s so wise.

December 4, 2005 Posted by | daycare, the dark side | 3 Comments