It’s Not All Mary Poppins

My Favourite Things

Susan is sick and feeling dispirited, and wants people to post on their favourite things, the things that lift their spirits, hoping it might have a similar effect on hers. Oooo. I get to have fun and help someone: what a fun assignment! Here’s my list.


Sex. Strange how thinking of Q brought that to mind…

Green. Any shade except chartreuse, aka bile green.

Christmas. Christmas trees, Christmas carols, midnight church services, shopping, giving gifts, stuffing stockings. I love it all!

Almonds, and by extension, marzipan. I love, love, love marzipan.


Baby giggles.

Asparagus, cheese, (except blue), Miss Vicki’s S&V potato chips, licorice allsorts.


Tea. Except I can’t drink it any more because of this damned almost-ulcer.

Walking by the river near my home.


The sounds our budgie makes.

Meaningful talks with my kids.

Touching. Sensual backrubs.

Music, especially chamber music and the blues.

The fact that my youngest brings friends home regularly.


Long, seeking conversations.

Babies finding their bellybuttons.


Long walks.


A pint with a friend.

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Rainbow Hockey

The participants of this conversation are three three-year-old boys. Names are unnecessary. They are arranging their hockey game.

“You’re the green team and I’m the black team, and you’re the red team.”

“No, I’m the red team.”

“I’m the yellow team and you’re the blue team.”

“He’s the blue team?”

“And you’re the grey team.”

“No, he’s the green team.”

“And I’m the yellow team!”

“Yes! And I’m the blue.”

“And he’s the red.”

Thus the game commences. Glad we got that sorted out!

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