It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Because Activity is Important

Apparently, the children haven’t gotten their snow legs yet.

But as Mr. Outdoors Dad will tell me, physical activity and fresh air is very important.

And really, I agree.

So last week, I took them out for a flounder in the snow.

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Is often mystifying…

“Emma,” says George, looking into the laptop. “Let’s play the suh-wuk game.”

“The shark game?”

“No, the suh-wuk game.”

“The work game? The shuck game? The stuck game?”

Nope. She did figure it out, though. Bet you can, too.

Hint: that decorated piece of greenery standing in the corner of our living room is a “Kwissmass suhwee”.

December 22, 2005 Posted by | Developmental stuff, George, the things they say! | 10 Comments