It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Life Lessons from the Sims

Darcy and George play the Sims with Emma. Darcy’s character in the game – whose name is “Darcy”, if you can believe the coincidence!! – has become an adult.

“Darcy, do you want your guy to get married?” Emma asks.


“Who do you want to marry?”

“George!” George is all in agreement. The game, of course, allows same-sex unions, but, sadly for the boys, they have made themselves brothers in the game. Emma breaks the news, so Darcy, ever-adaptable, picks a local female to marry.

“Will you want to have a baby, now you’re married?” Emma asks.

“Yes! And I want the baby to grow in my tummy!”

Even the inclusive Sims doesn’t allow for this. “Sorry, Darcy.” Emma breaks the sad news. “Only girls can grow babies.”

Emma told me about this exchange later. “He was really disappointed mum! Isn’t that so cuuute?”

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