It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Just a Normal Conversation…

Saturday morning at Mary’s house, kidful version. Last weekend was the kidfree version. Players are Mary, Big Stepson (Big) age 17; Little Stepson (Little), age 10; and the wonderful Stephen, partner of Mary and father to stepsons. Small background detail: BigSon has his learner’s permit (now called a G1, I think) which allows him to drive only if there is a licensed driver in the car in the passenger seat alongside him.

Little: Daddy, do you have a big playing card, a regular sized one, and a small playing card?

Stephen: You want three cards?

Little: No, two. A big one – you know, like a regular sized one – and a small one.

Stephen: Oh. No, I don’t.

Big: What do you need the cards for?

Little: I’m not telling. We don’t have ANY cards?

M: We used to, but I have no idea where they are now.

Big: That’s because people like YOU keep losing them. [He fixes his small brother with a meaningful – and friendly – stare.]

Little: Meeeeeeee???

Talk moves to my plans for the day, and a possible need for a ride downtown for me. We have one vehicle, many children with many activities. The logistics need to be worked out carefully.

Stephen: BigSon needs to get his license. If he had his license, he could drive you downtown….

Big: I could drive her downtown…

Stephen: Well, yes you could, but then she’d have to come back with you, and..

Big and Stephen, together:… what would be the point of that? Bwah-hahahaha
(Like father, like son.)

Stephen: I guess I could drive you, if you want to go.

Small: Drive me, daddy? Where?

Stephen: No, not you. Mary.

Big: Yes, you! We’re going to drive you downtown and leave you there.

Stephen: Yes, and you can stop people on the street and ask them if they have a big playing card and a small playing card.

M: Did we ever find out what he needs the playing cards for?

Little: I forget.

Big: And I have to go to work now, anyway.

Little: I didn’t think you wanted to go today.

Big: Not particularly, no.

Little: Well, don’t go!

Big: You can’t just not show up because you don’t feel like it that day.

Stephen: Yeah. That’s why it’s called a “Rat trap”.

M: You mean the “rat race.”

Stephen: Yeah.

Little: Don’t go! [Falls dramatically at Big’s large feet, arms outstretched, pathos oozing from his every syllable and cell.]

Big: Well, you could always come with me. Be the cute little kid and be bored for five hours.

Little: Not me! I don’t want to be in the rat pack.

Stephen: No, you just want some playing cards.

Little: Yeah!

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